As disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, we believe in:

GOD THE FATHERFather of our Lord Jesus Christ
GOD THE SONOur Saviour Jesus Christ
GOD THE HOLY SPIRITThe Spirit of Truth
YET ONE GODTriune and Eternal
We believe that: Salvation is by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and not by works. Salvation is found in no other person. Jesus Christ, GOD THE SON, became man, born of a virgin from uncorrupted Seed from the Holy Spirit. He was crucified on a cross, bearing totally, once and for all time on Himself, the sins of the world. He rose from the dead by the power of God on the third day and broke the power of death. Now He lives in Glory with His Father in Heaven.

We believe in: Baptism by total immersion following repentance and receiving Jesus as Lord; the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church; the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for those who ask, to receive power to fulfill our calling as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ; the Bible with its 66 Books of Scripture, in its original manuscripts, is the total and final revelation of God's will and purpose. It is TOTALLY reliable, TOTALLY infallible and TOTALLY self-interpreting, without error and revealing God's total plan of Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ, and by the Holy Spirit.

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