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As readers of our Credos will know, we have continually written of our understanding of a Scriptural Probation Period of fourty years beginning in 1967, and we set out the Scriptural basis for this Credo. ‘The LORD has a Controversy with the Nations’. As is also known, in various Credos over several years we have set up the understanding of the historical information of modern Europe and of the waves of cultural and political movements that have formed the national ethos of these Britannic Isles, as in:

            ‘What’s it all about’
            ‘Beyond the Storm . . . a Ripened Harvest’

We moved on and looked at what we have described here as ‘the waves of cultural and political movements’ that have formed the foundation of England’s communities – as in our Credo ‘The Visions of your prophets were False and Worthless’. Although alarm was being raised at the slide into what has been called in political and Christina circles a ‘Broken Society’, all that was really being called for was a return to the Status Quo . . a false hope! So came our Credo ‘The Tale of Two Cities . . . Thoughts for an Island People’. In this we saw the continuing degeneration of civil society and its overspill into the church. It was not long before we wrote our Credo ‘They made a Desert and called it Peace’, for we were aware that Christina Ministries in particular were merely concerned with attacks upon the developing European Union and the rising influence of the (Roman) Catholic Church in its affairs.

Finally we came to this Credo! From Scripture we know that every Fourty Year Probation Period which starts with a Move of God upon His people always ends in apostasy and going into captivity. With the understanding that this particular Probation Period was world wide, we see the ‘shaking not only of the earth but also of the heavens’, with the resulting collapse of civilisation as the Kingdom of God breaks into the kingdoms of the world. Our sure and certain hope is that the LORD will raise up His ‘Nehemiahs’ who will lead His people out of a self-inflicted captivity.

And so we offer you this Credo: ‘The words of Jerimiah end here’.

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In Perspective 1
The visions of your prophets
In Perspective 2
It was said of Rome
In Perspective 3
. . . the word that came to Jeremiah

In Perspective 4
It shall be for the priests of Zadok
In Perspective 5
The words of Jeremiah end here
In Perspective 6
Set apart for service

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